New AD8D and AD8DP Mic/Line Input Cards For Horus

AD8DP-Direct-OutThe first upgrade to the Horus Networked Audio Converter sees the addition of a direct analogue output connector to the AD8 series input cards. This allows other recording or sound reinforcement consoles to be sent a feed post mic-preamplifier. Ideal for making recordings at different sampling rates.

The quality of the mic pre-amplifiers and the analogue to digital conversion has never been in doubt since the introduction of Horus in 2012, but some of the earlier adopters wanted even more functionality from this remarkable Networked Audio Converter. In many situations, multiple recordings or feeds to front of house sound systems were required and often with incompatible sampling rates. The solution was to provide an additional analogue output after the mic pre and the AD8D and AD8DP offer just that. The standard AD8D replaces the AD8 and allows PCM recording up to 192 kHz. The premium AD8DP replaces the AD8P card that allows extreme recording resolutions of DXD at 352.8 kHz and all variants of DSD up to 256 (11.2 MHz). Both options are shipping now.

The addition of a second 25 pin D-Sub connector was simple enough to create but the preservation of the exceptional fidelity was paramount. The specifications are as peerless as you would expect:

  • Frequency response +0/-0.3dB @ Gain 40dB
  • THD+N (1 kHz) Mic at G=0dB
  • Dynamic Range (flat 20 Hz – 20 kHz)
  • Dynamic Range (A-weighted, typ.)
  • Max Direct Output level, typ.
  • Direct Output Impedance
  • 10 Hz – 50 kHz
  • < 0.00035%
  • > 122dB
  • 124.5dB
  • +18.5dBu
  • < 1000

Each card also features:

  • 8 x exceptionally transparent, Merging designed pre-amplifiers
  • Remote/Local switch to Line Level on a per channel basis
  • Completely remote accessible for all parameter changes
  • Phantom Power/Phase/Low Cut Filter switchable per channel

It is this attention to detail and quite extraordinary digital connectivity that has seen Horus sales accelerate rapidly since its launch. The mere fact that one Horus unit can simplify an installation and replace so many other devices is reason enough for many users, but the real added value comes with the extraordinary sonic performance and ability to interface with virtually any digital or analogue equipment at a remarkably affordable price.

First DSD/DXD Event Kicks Off AES Convention With Quality Theme

The first of two events aimed at furthering the understanding of the real advantages of extreme digital audio technologies was a huge success. The New School Jazz Performance Space was packed with more than 50 mastering and recording engineers, manufacturers and other high end enthusiasts. “Move Over PCM and Make Room for HiRes DSD and DXD Audio” was the provocative title. Morten Lindberg of 2L and Soundmirror’s John Newton share the common goal of producing sonically stunning results but each does it a different way. The differences in perceived quality are slight so the main decisions centre around post production workflows and project budgets.

L1040724_1280x960Time was also spent debating the recording and artistic decisions that relate to recording on location. The huge benefits of working with RAVENNA networking, Horus and Pyramix were explored in depth. The simple beauty of networks, remote control of Horus on stage, redundancy, lack of clocking issues, fewer cables and the easiness of use were all explored. What became abundantly clear is that whichever way you choose to record, it has to be Merging Technologies and that the DSD/DXD workflow is just a part of the whole “Recording Redefined” package that anyone can enjoy.

This seminar was part of the 135th AES show going on in New York this week. Make sure to get to the show and come and see Pyramix, Horus and the Merging Team on stand 2948.


New Horus Listening Room in Hong Kong

One of our Chinese dealers has taken the time to set up the listneing room to end all listening rooms. Designed to be a comfortable and immeersive environment, clients can come and brin g their own material to trial our Horus unit through an immacualte signal path.

Horus is fast becoming recognized as one of the world’s most sonically impressive AD and DA interfaces. being able to connect the host playback engine to the Horus using CAT5 cable keeps the signal chain as flexible as possible while preserving ultimate fidelity.




You can book an appointment today if you are in the Hong Kong area to come and have a listen for yourself!




contact details:

Ray Lok – AtomicLab 852


Ovation at NBC sports

Ovation has been growing in popularity in the AV and Live events industry for the last few years. But it has also become extremely popular in the broadcast industry when audio and control playout is needed for live-to-air television productions. NBC sports bought 4 Ovation MassCore/Horus systems and are apparently loving the change in the abilities they have now that they are all up and running. Our USA representative has told us that they even manged to get the whole system up and running by using our online training videos on youtube. So, when you are watching the next set of F1 races in the USA, or are a hockey fan currently watching the playoffs, you can listen to Ovation and Horus hard at work every night.

Ovation in place


What plugins within Pyramix work at DXD?


The question has been asked numerous times and we have always answered on a case by case basis. So, the time has come to publish the current list for Pyramix 8 and 8.1 as to what plugins native to Pyramix work at DXD. Just so we are clear, no plugins work natively at DSD, as all plugins and gain changes must be done in the PCM world.

VS3 Plugins working  in DXD (no conversion)

10 band EQ                                      No
Angudion I & 2                                  Yes
Aphro                                                Yes
Arkamys Upmix                                No
Bus Tools + Strip Tools                   Yes
DC Meter                                          Yes
Delay                                                Yes
Denoiser / Descratcher                    No
Dynamics                                         Yes
EqX                                                   Yes
Flanger                                              No
Generator                                          Yes
Modulometer                                     Yes
MS Encoder                                      No
Parametric EQ                                  No
Phase-Oscillo                                   Yes
Pure Compressor                             Yes
Solera +                                            Yes
Surround Meter                                 Yes
Vu Meter                                            Yes
Wordlength Meter                              Yes

Note that we woud recommend EqX and Solera +, as those have filtering options above 20 Khz, really useful in DXD

Horus supports up to 48 A/D or DA in a single unit!!

We have been doing some extensive testing here at Merging Technologies and we are really excited to announce that after qualifying rigorous tests, we can now confidently offer up to 48 AD or DA in a single Horus unit!

Yup, 6xIOM-HORUS-AD8 and AD8P cards or 6xIOM-HORUS-DA8 and DA8P cards (or any combination in between!) can be used in a single Horus unit, with no impact to its stability, or performance whatsoever. We can even guarantee that the redundant power supply option is completely capable of handling the additional load.

48 Mic Pres and over 200+ total inputs,  all connected using standard networks, and all in a single 2U box.

Pretty good.

Horus I/O from Merging Technologies

Ovation control in Ross Video switcher series

We are really happy that our friends over at Ross Video in Canada have confirmed to use that they have finished the first offering of control over our Ovation Media Server and Sequencer with their Vision range of switchers. This means that anyone running a vision switcher  or even thinking of running a vision switcher from Ross can now enjoy native control over TCP/IP connections of our Ovation Gold or Platinum packs!.

Check out the rest of the feature set of the Ovation for Broadcast on the youtube video!


Pyramix and Ovation Evaluation Download now Available.

Wew are really happy to announce evaluation verions of our softs on our website:

The Ovation Evaluation Download Page is now available for anyone who wants to try out our playout software for any application!
Ovation V4 - BOX-small

  • Theatre
  • Broadcast playout
  • AV
  • Theme Parks
  • Museums
  • concerts/live

the link is here


The Pyramix Evaluation Download Page is now available for anyone who wants to try out our DAW software for any application!

Pyramix V8 - BOX-small

  • Mastering
  • Broadcast
  • Post
  • Music
  • Concerts/Live

the link is here

WATCHOUT and Ovation Youtube Video up!

For the last few months, here at Merging we have been busy running around and showing everyone the simple and yet flexible sync mechanism between the Dataton WATCHOUT video server and our Ovation Media Server and Sequencer. We will be showing this and more at this year’s ISE show in Amsterdam, from January 29th-31st. Come visit us on booth 7-N220 to see what we have to offfer the creative AV community.

Register for ISE right here using invite code 247979.