Ovation at NBC sports

Ovation has been growing in popularity in the AV and Live events industry for the last few years. But it has also become extremely popular in the broadcast industry when audio and control playout is needed for live-to-air television productions. NBC sports bought 4 Ovation MassCore/Horus systems and are apparently loving the change in the abilities they have now that they are all up and running. Our USA representative has told us that they even manged to get the whole system up and running by using our online training videos on youtube. So, when you are watching the next set of F1 races in the USA, or are a hockey fan currently watching the playoffs, you can listen to Ovation and Horus hard at work every night.

Ovation in place


Ovation control in Ross Video switcher series

We are really happy that our friends over at Ross Video in Canada have confirmed to use that they have finished the first offering of control over our Ovation Media Server and Sequencer with their Vision range of switchers. This means that anyone running a vision switcher  or even thinking of running a vision switcher from Ross can now enjoy native control over TCP/IP connections of our Ovation Gold or Platinum packs!.

Check out the rest of the feature set of the Ovation for Broadcast on the youtube video!


Pyramix and Ovation Evaluation Download now Available.

Wew are really happy to announce evaluation verions of our softs on our website:

The Ovation Evaluation Download Page is now available for anyone who wants to try out our playout software for any application!
Ovation V4 - BOX-small

  • Theatre
  • Broadcast playout
  • AV
  • Theme Parks
  • Museums
  • concerts/live

the link is here


The Pyramix Evaluation Download Page is now available for anyone who wants to try out our DAW software for any application!

Pyramix V8 - BOX-small

  • Mastering
  • Broadcast
  • Post
  • Music
  • Concerts/Live

the link is here

WATCHOUT and Ovation Youtube Video up!

For the last few months, here at Merging we have been busy running around and showing everyone the simple and yet flexible sync mechanism between the Dataton WATCHOUT video server and our Ovation Media Server and Sequencer. We will be showing this and more at this year’s ISE show in Amsterdam, from January 29th-31st. Come visit us on booth 7-N220 to see what we have to offfer the creative AV community.

Register for ISE right here using invite code 247979.



ISE 2013

Amsterdam here we come…

It’s time again for another installment of the Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam. Merging Technologies will be on booth 7-N220 showing the newly released Ovation4 Media Server and Sequencer.

The newly finished RAVENNA implementation allows for connection to our Horus Networked audio and control interface. This means that all of your connectivity can simply and flexibly be sent through a standard layer3 network using off the shelf equipment!

We will be showing a complete configured, mixed traffic network on the booth and will also be showing our acclaimed synchronization mechanism for use with Dataton WATCHOUT video playback.

Get you free entry invitation HERE

See you there!


New Merging Software Released – Today!

With just a few more days to go before the Holidays begin, we thought it only right to make sure that we were able to get our present to you all in time to get it under the tree!

Merging is beyond proud to announce the next official release of its award winning product range covering almost every possible professional audio industry in the world. This release represents thousands of man hours of work and delivers the most cutting edge technology available in any DAW on the market today. Merging Technologies has always made tremendous efforts to find the best solutions to ensure that the professionals using Pyramix, VCube, Ovation, MXFix and Horus are given the tools to make them better, faster and more precise than the rest.

If you are currently covered by an ASM (Annual Software Maintenance Contract) then you will be receiving your new software keys automatically in the coming days. If you are not covered, then now is the time to get in contact with your local Merging representative to get covered and get your upgrade!

Click here to find your nearest local Merging Sales Partner

We would also like to announce, with a small tear in our eye, that Version 8 will also be the end of support for the Mykerinos (MB and X series) for systems which do not have MassCore enabled. If you have MassCore and use it with your Mykerinos card, then you can upgrade to Pyramix8 with no worry. However, if you are still using an old Mykerinos DSP based system, then you now have three choices of how best to proceed:

1)      Staying with version 7.1 is possible…but,

2)      You can instead upgrade your current Mykerinos based system with a MassCore key and enjoy all the power our current audio engine has to offer as well as all the new features and enhancements in the v8 software. Or,

3)      Take full advantage of the full power of Pyramix8 with RAVENNA and Horus by using our extended Mykerinos->Horus trade-in offer. Contact your local merging representative for full details

Click here to see the minimum hardware spec for MassCore computers

Below you will find all the new tools, updated feature sets and industry changing technology that we are very, very proud to introduce for the start of 2013.


Horus Networked Audio InterfaceHorus I/O from Merging Technologies

Since its release at NAB 2012 in April this year, Horus has made an absolutely gigantic impact on the audio industries around the globe… and we couldn’t be happier. Horus, using theRAVENNAaudio over IP technology has redefined the way in which studio owners, recording and mix engineers and AV designers are thinking about audio signal paths. Able to distribute hundreds of audio channels across a properly managed, standard Gigabit network means that sharing sound, transmitting over long distances and creating flexible installation has now found a new benchmark inRAVENNAbased technology.

Click here to look at Horus and the RAVENNA technology



Merging Technologies’ cornerstone product, Pyramix 8 is now the first DAW in the world to natively support RAVENNA Audio over IP for use with its “DSP” based system. A gigantic leap forward in connectivity for professional audio equipment,RAVENNAallows users to interchange real-time audio streams across (properly managed) standard Layer 3 networks. This new connectivity is what allows for ultra-low latency interaction with our revolutionary new audio interface, Horus.  Now available for use with both our MassCore and ASIO based Native Engines, this combination is set to create a new benchmark in the pro-audio world.

Aside from this though, a whole slew of new features and enhancements are now available with the V8 release, bringing enhancements to almost every workflow.

Check out all the new features and enhancements in Pyramix8 here



What an incredible year it has been for the Ovation team here at Merging. With a user base now covering the “trend-setter” groups of industries ranging from Broadcast to AV, Theme Parks, Theatres and Opera Houses, Museums and many more, the new feature set in Ovation4 is set to make 2013 an incredibly busy year.

Check out all the new features in Ovation4 here



The Capture-Compile/Post-Sync/Wrap and Deliver workflow made famous by VCube has even more features available now with the VCube4 release. Studios around the world are using VCube as the ultimate “Video tool for the audio professional” and reaping the rewards. Being able to streamline studio, MCR and dubbing stage operations around a VCube workflow has shown again and again to be a huge winner

Check out the new features and enhancements in VCube4 here



Now that Loudness compliance regulations are coming into effect around the world, it is so important for any business producing content for transmission to be sure that the material being made will not fail loudness measurements. MXFix V2 has new features, faster workflow and more reliability for broadcasters and post-production studios trusting their output to Merging Technologies’ MXF washing machine.

Check out the new features and enhancements in MXFix2 here


In Closing, we would very much like to wish you the happiest of holidays, the most prosperous of new year’s, and we look forward to another exciting year with you all

So long as the Mayan’s did not get it right, in which case it was very nice knowing you all:-)

Best Wishes

The Merging Team